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Here at SEK Qatar, our Grade 5 students are true thinkers and inquirers. Each student is unique and gifted with individual talents and abilities. Our students were born to stand out and they are not afraid to let their talents shine!


Arts Week

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Video of the “Secret Garden” play coming soon…


5B’s Adaptations of TWITW Drama

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Here is some student feedback from our performances this morning:


“I think that every group did an excellent job in creating, organizing and performing the adaptations of Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel!” Matthew Morais

“The experience was definitely cool because I got to make new friends and learn new things about acting, performing and deadlines.” Usayd Lakhani

“I feel proud of myself and everyone in our class because we all did a really great job on our costumes, props and staging.” Roudha Al Jasem

Check out some snapshots of plays.




Author Antics in Grade 5B

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The students in Grade 5 displayed amazing dramatic skills last week when they made their presentations to their peers. Students suspended their disbelief and dressed up as their chosen authors and told us all about their lives this week. They handled questions well and there was lovely atmosphere in the class as we learned and laughed together. This unit has lent itself to so many fruitful experiences in relation to expression, presenting and communicating. Please enjoy our slideshow.



Grade 5B Book Day 2018

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Well this year’s Book Day celebrations were superb. Grade 5B’s costumes were amazing this year and each student took part, which was a record here in Grade 5. We had such a selection of characters, including Mario, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Batman, Jack Sparrow, a cowgirl, Dork Diaries, Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many many more…

Our character parade in the main hall did not disappoint. Teachers and students adorned the catwalk with their creative costumes and showcased our risk taking nature here at SEK. It was a sight to behold. Our visiting parents loved the show and could be seen laughing and enjoying themselves. Most of all, we loved the fun we had in class this week. We explored and inquired into our favourite books, kept a tally chart of our reading, researched authors, classic texts, stories from our own culture and made presentations to our peers. We guessed the mystery reader and found such meaning in our unit on literature through the Book Week celebrations. We have certainly earned our rest this weekend.

Enjoy our pictures and leave a comment if you wish.





Wind in the Willows

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Our exploration of classic literature began last week and has been truly eye opening. The language that Kenneth Grahame uses in the text of The Wind in the Willows is marvelously challenging and both classes agree that it is a new way of using language that many of us had not seen before. We have used a visible thinking strategy called C.S.I to learn more about the text. We chose a colour we thought suited the passages from the text that we listened to. We also carried out a Role on the Wall drama activity where we had to think of adjectives to describe the main characters we had met. This week, we are designing and creating a book cover as well as writing a newspaper article and creating a wanted poster to name a few of the exciting learning tasks we will take on. We are also luck enough to get to watch parts of a movie adaptation from 2006. Ask us about our new learning this week and we will be happy to share it with you. 



Sports Day 2018

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 Posted on behalf of Ms. Serene 5A

On Tuesday January 23, 2018, SEK International held the PYP Sports Day. It was a VERY fun experience for the students and the parents. There were a lot of interactive games that the students enjoyed. There were different types of games such as Tug of War, Obstacle Courses, Basketball, Football, Javelin Throw, Space Hopper Relay. All the teams, also known as houses, worked very hard to achieve their goals to win by scoring as many points as possible. The houses rotated around the stations. Everyone was very competitive but had great sportsmanship and teamwork. Even though we lost, we still managed to cheer on the other teams. Everyone was happy for their friends when they won, and we had a lot of fun! It was a very successful event and we are looking forward to next years Sports Day!


Written by Essma and Ana-Sofia




Preschool 3&4 Sports Day 2018

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We began our inquiries into ‘Event Organisation’ in early December and today marked the culmination of those inquiries. We planned, organised and hosted the most amazing Preschool 3&4 Sports Day and we have to admit, we did a rather splendid job of it. Please take a tour of our day through the pictures below and take delight in our success. We hope you enjoy.



5B’s Trip to the Theatre

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We had a delightful morning out of school today, when we went to Katara Opera House to see a fantastic show called “Yasmin and the Camel and the Orchestra”. This fun filled show consisted of puppets, 25 members of the Philharmonic orchestra, a genie, a pirate and much much more. The wonderful members of the orchestra performed musical hits that have featured in a variety of children’s movies. The songs played were from Frozen, Trollz, Pirates of the Carribean, Jungle Book, Rio and more. There was audience participation and dancing. It was such a fun and educational show. The conductor taught us about the orchestra throughout the show and it gave us a new perspective on the dynamics of musical composition. Overall, we appreciated this trip and look forward to applying our learning in music lessons.



The MYP Science Experience…

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Mr. Muhammad hosted the Grade 5s in his MYP lab again this year and we sure do appreciate this learning experience. We learned some key rules such as every scientific investigation must start with question. Our question was ” How does the drop height affect the bounce height of a tennis ball? ” We tried to find the relationship between the two. As scientists, we changed the independent variable and then watched how the dependent variable responded to the change. We graphed our results and worked on a best fit line for our recorded points.

Mr. Muhammad taught us in such a fun inquiry based style that we couldn’t help but learn loads. Thank you so much Mr. Muhammad.



Kinesthetic Spelling, Mindful Morning and ACTION!

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Here in Grade 5B, we are always willing to give different approaches to learning a go. So when Ms. Cassandra discovered Body Spell on GoNoodle, she scrapped the written spelling assessment and gave us a chance to spell with our bodies instead. This was an amazing experience that made our brains view spellings in a new and unique way. We loved it. Check out our photos below. We also took some time for mindfulness this morning and practiced some breathing and reflection activities to focus our minds and set us up for the day ahead.

Today’s learning emphasized taking thoughtful new action as part of the inquiry cycle. Being an IB learner means using our initiative and developing our skills and attitudes to allow for meaningful student action. This action takes place as a result of learning and we had so many wonderful and shining examples in class today of various students taking action as a result of their learning in school. Having a growth mindset means that we try to take inspiration from other people’s success. Seeing other student role models who are achieving learning success only encourages us to strive for similar successes with our own learning. Ms. Cassandra can’t wait for more examples of student action to emerge over the coming weeks.

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